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Gearing Analyzer. -- (Gear ratio calculator) Version 2.2  Download
This tool originally was very simple and I had created it for my Volkswagen Squareback because I was going to buy a Gene Berg five-speed kit and I was going to have the transaxle custom geared. As my skills increased through the years I decided to go back and upgrade this tool. It's now a more powerful tool that allows one to observe how various gearing and tire changes will affect their vehicles speed at different RPMs. Here's a 5-minute demonstration of what the application can do.

The Gearing Analyzer has the following abilities  -- View sample workbook:

  • MPH or KPH that's instantly selectable
  • User selectable RPM range from 6,000 to 20,000 at any time
  • Up to three gearing comparisons simultaneously viewable
  • Can handle transmissions from one to six gears
  • Tables that give  -- View tables
    • Final Gearing (ring & pinion * gearing)
    • Total Final Gearing (ring & pinion * gearing * tire height)
    • Percentage difference between gears
    • Intergear ratio
    • MPH/KPH difference between gears at a given rpm (user selectable!)
  • Ability to select which gearing is charted
  • Tire height calculator with answers in 1/100 of an inch, nearest fraction of an inch, millimeters, and centimeters  -- View demonstration
  • Chart and table updates happen immediately, no refreshing of data, no unnecessary buttons to click
  • Hovering the mouse over a point on the line chart will display the RPM and speed values
  • 60MPH / 96.6KPH reference line on chart

Motorcyclists, I ride as well and I've got you covered! It includes a ratio calculator that can:

  • Calculate Primary, Secondary, and Final Drive ratios given the sprocket counts
  • If you don't have the sprocket counts you can simply enter in the ratios...or a combination of both!  -- View calculator
  • Calculate Overall Drive ratio

  • It will automatically copy the Overall Drive ratio into the Windows Clipboard so you can paste it in the R&P cell of your choice

14Dec2009 - Tire Calculation sheet can now work with 10 tires; includes additional calcuations (width in inches, sidewall height in inches and millimeters).

This program requires Microsoft's Excel 2002 or Excel 2003. Currently untested in Excel 2007 (Office 12) though it should work due to application backward compatibility.

If you would like additional features or have suggestions for other applications then please see my Can You Do...? page

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