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I built this site because I need a separate web space to house my professional work so I'm trying it out. This won't be a powerful, Excel expert type of site that you'd find some of the Excel MVP's have because I'm not an MVP nor do I have the time to dedicate to such an endevor. It's a lot of work and my hat is off to those guys and gals. Also, I've got a family and hobbies that keep me busy when I'm not working so in building this web site I'm trying to keep it fairly simple since I'm in charge of all of it, from design and updating to server admin and web master!

What I am building is a site for those who work in Excel beyond the beginner level. People who come here are expected to know how to use a web browser and navigate web pages; work comfortably in a Windows operating system; and have at least an intermediate skill level when working with Excel, particularly in programming with Excel VBA. If you don't fit this criteria then tread at your own risk. The information herein is based upon my personal experience and I share it in hopes of helping others. Well, and as a bit of a memory jogger for me if I'm on-site It's not all-inclusive, it's simply problems I've come across, solved, and am willing to share.

I'm also using this site for my own evil intentions, er, I mean, for side work. I have Excel add-ins, VBA code, workbooks, etc. that I've found useful and I think others will, too.

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